Italian market

Discover Italy, Ventimiglia (on Friday) and San Remo (on Thuesday and Saturday). Stroll through their unique market where you will find authentic Italian products ( grana , mozzarella , oil, ham ... )

Ventimiglia ( Ventimiglia ) is located on the Italian side of the Franco- Italian border. It is , in fact, the entry of Italy and the beginning of the Riviera dei Fiori door. In the old town you will find the remains of a Roman theater from the second century and the Cathedral of the Assunta dating from the eleventh century.

San Remo overlooking the Ligurian Sea and is appreciated for its mild climate. These are also the Russians in the nineteenth century who chose this destination for the climate. Russian nobility stayed and the Empress of Austria's known as Sissi . It is during this period that began the construction of Art Nouveau villas that still exist today and it is beautiful that time was built the casino to entertain the nobility of yesteryear.

Back in France you follow the sea and arrive in Menton, known as the city of oranges and lemons. French Today, the city was still under suzerainty of the Princes of Monaco for five centuries , it became French in 1848 after the plebiscite of the people who spoke out overwhelmingly for the annexation to France .

Half day tour

69€ /pers

Price from Nice

  • From Nice 69€/pers (4h30)
  • From Monaco 69€/pers (4h30)
  • From Villefranche 69€/pers (4h30)
  • From Cannes 129€/pers (7h)
  • Other departure points on request
  • Available on Tuesday (San Remo), Friday (Vintimiglia) and Saturday (San Remo) at 8:30


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